The Product

The Port-Daniel – Gascons, QC plant produces three types of cement: an ASTM Type I/II Low Alkali Cement (GU-LA as per CSA), an ASTM Type I/II Moderate Alkali (GU as per CSA) and an ASTM Type III High Early (HE as per CSA).

The mineralogy of the on-site limestone quarry contains the perfect balance of ingredients to produce a high-performing Portland cement. The Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) has inspected our cement laboratory, which is able to make real-time adjustments and ensure that the high performance products are kept within tight tolerances.  Coupled with the natural blending that occurs as the product moves through our distribution system, McInnis Portland cements are among the most consistent in the industry.

An integrated concrete testing laboratory is incorporated into our continuous loop feedback system maintaining our focus on key characteristics of cement performance in concrete: early strength gain, appropriate set times, water demand consistency and admixture compatibility.  Our Quality Assurance program is designed around ISO 9001-2015 principles, policies and protocols.