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  • Vertical Mills

    A significant portion of the cost to produce a ton of cement resides in the grinding costs.  The industry standard for decades has been horizontal ball mills which rely upon heavy balls cascading inside a fast turning mill to crush the clinker into the fine cement powder.  This process is energy intensive and the balls require considerable, high-labor maintenance.

    McInnis has installed a vertical raw mill for raw meal preparation and two identical vertical finish mills (8,400 tpd) with high-efficiency separators between the 120,000 mt of clinker storage and the 120,000 mt of cement storage silos.  This enables the plant to remain balanced during times of peak demand.  This new, but globally proven, technology will lessen McInnis’ per ton grinding costs versus competitors and improve product performance.  Vertical mills offer a much more consistent end product due to the ability to more tightly control such critical production variables such as material uniformity and particle size, as well as temperature during grinding.

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