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  • Quarry, Crushing & Power

    It all starts with the mineralogy of any cement plant’s quarry.  The mountainside quarry at McInnis’ Port-Daniel – Gascons cement plant is exceptional due its site location, topographical positioning, quantity and components.  The 17,000 mt pd quarry is perfectly positioned at the inland side of the plant creating an extremely efficient plant footprint from quarry to marine terminal. The minimal quarry overburden enables easy access to the limestone with reserve estimates of approximately one hundred years. The chemical makeup of the limestone in terms of percentages of key minerals and consistency enable production of Portland cements that can surpass industry performance benchmarks.

    A primary, jaw crusher and secondary, cone crusher are employed to reduce the limestone from 3′ down to 10″ and can operate at 1,800 mt ph.

    The electricity supplied to the plant is produced with environmentally-friendly and economical hydro-power.


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