March 29, 2017

McInnis’ Distribution Network Continues to Grow in Anticipation of the Start of Operations of the Cement Plant

  •  Work in Progress at the Oshawa Terminal in Ontario
  • Delivery of 25 Rail Cars to Transport Cement from the Gaspé Railway Network to McInnis Customers

Port-Daniel–Gascons, March 29, 2017 – While commercial operations are still scheduled to begin this Spring, McInnis Cement is actively developing its distribution network that will support the delivery of cement to its customers. Listed below are a few of the important events that have recently been undertaken.

Construction at the Terminal of Oshawa, Ontario

Construction of the Oshawa, Ontario terminal, begun in late February, continues with the start of operations for this facility scheduled for late Summer 2017.

Formerly used for industrial port operations, the Oshawa site is already equipped with domes, two of which are currently being refurbished to include a cement unloading system for arriving vessels, and a truck loading station being constructed nearby. The two domes will provide a storage capacity of 14,000 tonnes of cement and the terminal will accommodate up to 60 trucks per day for loading and delivery to McInnis customers. The Oshawa terminal will be served primarily by the NACC Quebec, the vessel chartered by McInnis for distribution through the St. Lawrence Seaway.

McInnis has identified the eastern portion of the continent as its target market. Terminal locations were selected based upon the accessibility to efficient waterways to leverage its water-based transportation advantages and high-population metropolitan areas to minimize the number of truck miles to their customers.

Delivery of Cement Rail Cars

In order to serve the needs of its customers via the rail network, McInnis began receiving the first of 25 new cars acquired from TrinityRail. The pressure differential cars of 3,230 cubic feet are designed to efficiently transport, load and unload dry material under tightly sealed conditions.

A first convoy of seven cars arrived on the Gaspé railway corporation network (Société du Chemin de fer de la Gaspésie). A second convoy of 12 cars is expected in the coming days, and a final convoy of six cars will follow. All 25 cars are expected to arrive in the Gaspé Peninsula by mid-April and will be ready for loading cement at the New Richmond transshipment site at the start of commercial operations scheduled for the Spring.

As the work continues with the intensity required to start our plant operations on time, our team is working extremely hard to complete the final pieces of the puzzle for both logistics and distribution,” said McInnis Cement CEO Herve Mallet.  “We are pleased to see that everything is in place to distribute our cement to our customers in the coming weeks.”


About McInnis Cement – The New Cement Company

McInnis Cement is a privately-held Company with corporate headquarters in Quebec, Canada, and United States headquarters in Stamford, CT. The Company’s plant in Port-Daniel–Gascons, Canada is one of the largest industrial projects currently under construction in eastern North America and McInnis is the first cement company to build a new plant that will serve Eastern Canada and New England in more than 50 years. McInnis Cement has constructed a deep-water marine terminal, adjacent to the plant, with plans to open other terminals strategically located in the U.S. and Canada. This will allow products to be shipped quickly and efficiently to markets along the East Coast and the entire perimeter of the Atlantic Ocean.

As the newest entrant in the North American cement market, the Company’s goal is to supply its customers with superior-quality products that are consistently produced and reliably distributed, based on sustainable development principles.  The use of advanced technology will enable the McInnis cement plant to meet, if not exceed, the most stringent environmental standards, making its ecological footprint one of the smallest in the cement industry.  More information is available at @ciment_mcinnis and




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