October 6, 2015

McInnis Cement and Emplois Compétences Sign Workforce Recruiting Partnership

Port-Daniel–Gascons, October 6, 2015 – McInnis Cement and Emplois Compétences have announced the signing of a partnership agreement for the recruitment and development of the local workforce for the cement plant at Port-Daniel–Gascons.

Emplois Compétences will open its offices on October 13 in Port-Daniel–Gascons to support McInnis Cement in the recruitment of all employees. The positions to be filled are varied and include executives and professionals for technical, industrial and operational positions.

“From our new office in Port-Daniel–Gascons, we’ll be well positioned to meet the needs of our best customer, while at the same time enabling us to develop partnerships with other companies in the Gaspé,” noted René Gendron, Emplois Competences General Manager.

Emplois Compétences noted that this partnership dovetails perfectly with the organization’s growth objectives and corresponds to its mission of “reinvesting a significant portion of our profits back into the community.” Emplois Compétences is committed to developing regional expertise by supporting the local workforce.

McInnis Cement, regional development engine

“McInnis Cement is dedicated to becoming the new benchmark for the cement industry in North America,” said Plant Manager Alexandre Rail. “To achieve this goal, it’s essential that we attract the best employees and train them to be completely prepared for the operational phase scheduled to begin in autumn 2016. The coming months will be very intense for McInnis Cement, and we are especially pleased to be able to count on the expertise and support of Emplois Compétences in the recruitment and development of our future employees.”

According to Maryse Tremblay, McInnis Cement director of communications and corporate social responsibility, “The arrival of Emplois Compétences in Port-Daniel–Gascons is a tangible example of the benefits directly flowing from our presence in the region.”

“By creatively engaging in the communities where the firm operates, Emplois Compétences could become a major driver of the skills development of the Gaspé workforce, impacting well beyond the needs of our business. This creates a very interesting snowball effect for area employers and training institutions,” she concluded.

McInnis Cement mentioned further that resumes and other documents submitted by job seekers, in person or by mail, have been transmitted to the Emplois Compétences team.


About Emplois Compétences


Founded in 1994, Emplois Compétences, a private firm specializing in personnel recruitment and human resources solutions, is committed to reinvesting a significant portion of its profits back into the community. Emplois Compétences is consistent in its orientation: to meet the needs of today in order to build tomorrow. Certified “Employeur Remarquable©” and recipient of numerous awards, Emplois Compétences currently has 45 employees committed to serving all the regions of Quebec.

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About McInnis Cement

McInnis Cement continues to work toward the completion of its cement plant, which is one of the largest industrial projects being built in eastern North America. With an initial production capacity of 2.2 million metric tonnes of cement per year, the cement plant is situated in the municipality of Port-Daniel-Gascons, in Gaspésie. The site was selected because of the quality of its limestone deposit and the possibility of building a deep-water marine terminal. Thanks to its advanced technology, the cement plant at Port-Daniel-Gascons meets the most stringent environmental standards, making its ecological footprint one of the smallest in the cement industry. Information about the project is available on www.cimentmcinnis.com and on Twitter @Ciment_McInnis.

Contact: Maryse Tremblay maryse.tremblay@cmcinnis.com  

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