June 23, 2015

Jobs and Business Opportunities Open House

Port-DanielGascons, June 23, 2015 – On the occasion of an open house on jobs and business opportunities related to the operating component of the future cement plant, the McInnis Cement team had the pleasure of welcoming 260 visitors to Port-Daniel-Gascons.

Eagerly awaited in the region, both by potential workers as well as by business people hoping to position their company as a plant supplier, the information day was used to present the types of jobs that will become available when the cement plant comes on line in the Fall of 2016, as well as a number of examples of companies whose activities will be necessary for the proper functioning of the plant’s operations.

“At the same time as our teams are busy building the cement plant and our marine distribution terminals, we are also establishing our identity as a young start-up company,” said Christian Gagnon, President and CEO of McInnis Cement. “We already know the DNA of our employees: honest workers committed to their company, meeting expectations, successfully implementing what is asked of them, who like teamwork and collaboration and who keep our customers in their minds as they go about their daily tasks. We will be looking for workers who possess these characteristics. All skills being equal, we will choose candidates from the region,” he added.

The information provided to potential workers enables them to better understand the various positions that will gradually become available next winter, in addition to the type of training required. Emploi-Québec and the region’s educational institutions have also received this information and will be able to assist workers wishing to complete their training in the coming months.

Business people enthusiastic participants

Once in operation, the cement plant will employ the services of a number of companies, including subcontracting of activities complementary to the manufacture of cement, planned maintenance services and general services. The range of possibilities is broad and all these companies, whether existing or new, will also participate in the creation of direct and indirect jobs.

“We believe that the business people of the region, a large number of whom enthusiastically participated in the open house, will seize the economic opportunities that will be generated throughout the region through the establishment of our plant. We are encouraging them to build strategic alliances with each other to increase their capacity to take advantage of these opportunities and to maximize the benefits to the local and regional economies,” concluded Gagnon.


McInnis Cement continues to work toward the completion of its cement plant, which is one of the largest industrial projects being built in eastern North America. With an initial production capacity of 2.2 million metric tonnes of cement per year, the cement plant is situated in the municipality of Port-Daniel-Gascons, in Gaspésie. The site was selected because of the quality of its limestone deposit and the possibility of building a deep-water marine terminal. Thanks to its advanced technology, the cement plant at Port-Daniel-Gascons meets the most stringent environmental standards, making its ecological footprint one of the smallest in the cement industry. Information about the project is available on www.cimentmcinnis.com and TwitterCiment_McInnis.

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Source: Maryse Tremblay, Director of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, McInnis Cement 418-391-7525