Mission & Values


Supply our customers with superior-quality cements that are consistently produced and reliably distributed, based on sustainable development principles while maximizing shareholder investment.


Product Performance and Customer Support
  • We strive to consistently produce and deliver the best cements. Our team members focus on supporting our customers in facing their challenges and helping them grow their profitability.
Health and Safety
  • A safe, healthy working environment for our employees, contractors, partners and customers is part of our core fabric.
Sustainable Development
  • We operate with constant concern for making decisions based on sustainable development principles.
  • Honesty, ethics, respect and fairness are embraced by all team members and form the foundation of our relationships with suppliers, customers and the community.
Community Involvement and Respect
  • We are committed to being an involved corporate citizen in the community where we operate and recognized as a good neighbor that participates in and contributes to the community’s well-being.