Customer Promise

An enormous amount of resources — engineering, construction, scientific, logistical, management and more — have been invested into our plant. These investments were made with one purpose — to provide value to our customers. Serving our customers is the core of our business, and our entire operation is built to accomplish that objective. As such, all of us pledge to:
  • Assure our product offerings reflect the local market and customer needs in each geographical area we serve. Provide cements that offer both superior and consistent performance, each and every time.
  • Deliver a steady supply of cement when and where our customers need it.
  • Be easy with which to do business. While our entire state-of-the-art operations were being built from scratch, our highly experienced management team has developed customer-friendly systems and processes that combine the latest technologies with customer care consultants to assure everything from order placing and tracking to post-sales activities are easy, efficient and profitable for our customers.
  • Treat our customers well.  Each and every team member is trained and motivated to do what is right for you — the customer.
  • Partner with our customers. We focus all of our resources on helping our customers solve problems, discover opportunities and grow profitably.
  • Protect the environment. Everything we do — from mining to processing to shipping — is done in a sustainable manner.