Corporate Responsibility

Ecological responsibility is central to the McInnis vision. Since McInnis began back in December 2011, every possible step has been taken to make our organization the model of environmental performance.

Our high-technology cement plant will be the most efficient and environmentally responsible facility in North America, if not the world. It will meet, or exceed, nearly all of the worldwide cement plant environmental standards, most of which are more restrictive than Canadian regulations.

Features that will make our new cement plant the envy of the industry include:

  • McInnis cement will require as much as 40% less energy per ton to produce than most other cements
  • A significant source of the plant’s electric power is Canadian hydroelectricity which is totally renewable, produces no air pollutants and features ultra-low greenhouse gas emissions
  • The kiln will have the capabilities to be fired by a variety of fuels, including petroleum coke and locally-generated renewable bio-mass materials
  • The plant is equipped with selective non-catalytic reduction to reduce NOx emissions
  • The purity of our limestone means naturally lower sulfur content, reducing SO2 emissions
  • Indoor warehousing and hermetically sealed conveyance of all raw materials and finished products helps reduce dust
  • At least 50 secondary dust control units are being installed to augment the primary dust reduction units
  • Our dry manufacturing process dramatically reduces water consumption
  • The enhanced manufacturing process also includes several gas filtration and clean-up elements
  • The facility has been specifically designed so that its appearance and architectural elements are optimally integrated into the existing environment.
  • Shipping and handling of raw materials by sea and rail will reduce the environmental impact normally associated with over-road transportation, while also minimizing traffic and other nuisances associated with truck traffic
  • The McInnis fleet of modern transport vessels will be some of the least-polluting ships in the world, being powered by low-emission fuels or featuring either emission reducing scrubbers.
  • McInnis terminals will be among the most energy efficient on the planet, and where practical will feature photovoltaic solar panels to further reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions