Community Involvement

Beyond the economic effect our organization provides to the communities in which we operate, McInnis plays an active role in community development by supporting causes and projects that positively impact our neighbors. To this end, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for all communities in which we work; one that provides direction for the company’s involvement and contributions.

For example, in Port-Daniel – Gascons, our new facility has already provided a significant economic impact, McInnis holds memberships in the Rocher-Percé Chamber of Commerce and the Baie-des-Chaleurs Chamber of Commerce – and we expect our participation to increase over time.

We also believe in honesty and open lines of communications. As an example, in 2013, McInnis began laying the foundation for an active, respectful presence in the community of Port-Daniel – Gascons by establishing a Community Liaison Committee. The Committee, made up of elected and non-elected local officials and residents, facilitates communication and provides information to the public about the Company to encourage quick, effective problem-solving, ensuring good relations with the community.

The Committee consists of representatives from :

  • the Municipality of Port-Daniel– Gascons (1)
  • the Rocher-Percé regional Municipality (2)
  • the Bonaventure regional Municipality (1)
  • the Regional Health Authority (1)
  • the Rocher-Percé Chamber of Commerce (1)
  • the Rocher-Percé Tourism Association (1)
  • the Rocher-Percé Local Development Office (1)
  • the Rocher-Percé Agricultural Association (1)
  • the Anse McInnis, route de la Rivière and Gascons-Ouest neighborhoods (3)
  • McInnis Cement (2)

Note that the neighborhood citizens present at the Committee are elected by their fellow citizens.

As we continue our development as a new company, we expect to not only be a reliable source of high-quality cements, but also a source of jobs, economic activities and other benefits to help ensure prosperity in our communities.

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