The Company

McInnis is The New Cement Company, an organization created to focus its efforts around the needs of its customers, operate in an environmentally conscious manner and perform only to the highest standards of business, technology and ethics.

A group of investors learned that a natural deposit of extremely pure limestone lay on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of St-Lawrence in baie des Chaleurs, Quebec. Recognizing that a modern cement plant situated next to such a massive limestone deposit and an ocean port where the waters never freeze could be a fantastic investment opportunity and bring great economic benefit to the area and the Province, The Beaudier Group formed McInnis Cement in 2011. With determination, the New Cement Company was established, allowing the revival of the project and the construction of the 2.2 million metric ton annual capacity plant.

As of Fall, 2016, construction is well on its way of not just the plant, quarry and marine terminal, but also on a network of strategically located terminals on the east coast of North America. The first of the network terminals is on schedule to come on-line in the Fall of 2016, with the plant expected to begin commercial operations by Spring 2017.

Upon its completion, the McInnis facility will be a model of environmental efficiency and the only cement plant in Canada that will voluntarily conform to the highest air emission standards in North America.   The plant will meet or exceed the 2015 National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for new plants as established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which are significantly more stringent than current standards.

Mission & Values


Supply our customers with superior-quality cements that are consistently produced and reliably distributed, based on sustainable development principles while maximizing shareholder investment.


Product Performance and Customer Support
  • We strive to consistently produce and deliver the best cements. Our team members focus on supporting our customers in facing their challenges and helping them grow their profitability.
Health and Safety
  • A safe, healthy working environment for our employees, contractors, partners and customers is part of the core fabric of McInnis Cement.
Sustainable Development
  • Our company operates with constant concern for making decisions based on sustainable development principles.
  • Honesty, ethics, respect and fairness are embraced by all team members and form the foundation of our relationships with suppliers, customers and the community.
Community Involvement and Respect
  • We are committed to being an involved corporate citizen in the community where we operate and recognized as a good neighbor that participates in and contributes to the community’s well-being.

Customer Promise

An enormous amount of resources — engineering, construction, scientific, logistical, management and more — are being invested into our new cement company.  These investments are being made with one purpose — to provide value to our customers. Serving our customers is the core of our business, and our entire operation is being built to accomplish that objective. As such, all of us at McInnis pledge to:
  • Assure our product offerings reflect the local market and customer needs in each geographical area we serve. We will provide cements that offer both superior and consistent performance, each and every time.
  • Deliver a steady supply of cement when and where our customers need it.
  • Be easy with which to do business. While our entire state-of-the-art operations are being built from scratch, our highly experienced management team is developing customer-friendly systems and processes that combine the latest technologies with customer care consultants to assure everything from order placing and tracking to post-sales activities are easy, efficient and profitable for our customers.
  • Treat our customers well.  Each and every McInnis team member will be trained and motivated to do what is right for you — the customer.
  • Partner with our customers. We will focus all of our resources on helping our customers solve problems, discover opportunities and grow profitably.
  • Protect the environment. Everything we do — from mining to processing to shipping — will be done in a sustainable manner.


McInnis Cement is seeking candidates to fill various positions for the operation of the plant.

When positions become available at McInnis Cement, they are posted on this section where you may submit your resumé. McInnis Cement is in a partnership with Emplois Compétences, a private firm specialized in personnel recruitment and human resources management. They operate an office in Port-Daniel – Gascons since October, 2015.

Under our hiring policy, we will give preference to local residents for positions with the Company and the contractors we hire.

During the construction phase, most of the jobs are filled by our contractors. Keep checking the page Works Underway to know the contractors working on the construction site and continue your approach to them.

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